The philosophy
of event & regie

Feel your senses with event & regie

The company philosophy of event & regie is clearly recognizable.

We have the target of organizing our events with all our senses. We address all the senses directly and motivate people to activity. Achieving this is our drive and distinguishes us as unique.



The human takes up about 80 % of all informations over the eyes. - And exactly this is our specialisation. With the right location, the suitable light technology and coordinated creation we want to activate the visual nerves. They should see highlights during shows and presentations with us.



The hearing is the basis of the human communication, the understanding of contents and also of learning new skills. A film or a concert without suitable sound? An exhibition without accompanying music? - It´s unthinkable for us!
And so we create the b est music for yo u with perfect audio engineering.



Also the benevolently smell of a new creation, the arrangement or the catering direct to a special atmosphere of an event. The positive impression of an irresistible smell can´t be estimated highly enough. That´s why we attach high priority to smelling.



The tasting is very important for us, too. Through our planning a harmonious catering is developed and the food will be a tasting adventure. We include all the wishes and arrange a magical multi-course menu or a selection of refined fingerfood.

experience and feel


But the most important thing is still missing - EXPERIENCE!
We make an idea for the screenplay for an unforgettable event! The interaction of all senses create a magical and inspiring atmosphere. And so the special moments of the event should not only be enjoyed - you must also be able to feel it!

Seeing, listening, smelling and tasting - all of this is essential for our events!

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